Cheap AFSK terminal node controller

Robots shared his cheap AFSK terminal node controller design. It’s a cheap alternative to the commercial TNCs, based on a STM32VL discovery board and a small adapter board. Audio Frequency Shift Keying is an old, low speed packed based radio standard, now primarily used in HAM radios for APRS communication. What is needed for APRS […]

Arduino TNC

Amateur radio operators use various digital data modes for radio communications. One such mode is known as packet radio, which transmits data in groups or “packets” of bytes. As described by the ARRL, “packet radio allows improved throughput and error control. The basic protocol for packet radio is AX.25. Transmission speeds typically range from 300 […]

Packet radio and the Arduino Radio Shield

Packet radio is a means of sending data wirelessly over radio channels, and is often used by Amateur Radio Operators. (One form is APRS, described in our earlier post.) In the video following the break you get some idea of how packet radio communications are conducted. The video uses a piece of hardware known as […]