APRS and GPS networking, operations and theory by Steve Bowen

Todd Harrison, member of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club (SARC), posted this video by Steve Bowen:   APRS and GPS networking, operations and theory This presentation does not cover how to setup and use Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) but does get into its origins, limits, functionality and usage.

Cheap AFSK terminal node controller

Robots shared his cheap AFSK terminal node controller design. It’s a cheap alternative to the commercial TNCs, based on a STM32VL discovery board and a small adapter board. Audio Frequency Shift Keying is an old, low speed packed based radio standard, now primarily used in HAM radios for APRS communication. What is needed for APRS […]

APRS homebrew digital radio interface

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is a digital data communications system often used by amateur radio operators in the 2-Meter FM band. You may hear such data transmissions on 144.390 MHz FM and other frequencies. DK7IN has published an interesting project which promises to let you transmit APRS data when connected to a licensed amateur […]