App note: The thermal measurement point of LEDs

App note from OSRAM on different thermal masuring locations of LEDs. Link here (PDF) When current passes through the junction area of a chip, light is emitted. Not only light is generated, but also a lot of heat. Good thermal management is a major factor for the stable performance of LEDs in applications. However, a […]

App note: Precision RTD instrumentation for temperature sensing

An application note from Microchip: Precision RTD instrumentation for temperature sensing (PDF!) Precision RTD (Resistive Temperature Detector) instrumentation is key for high performance thermal management applications. This application note shows how to use a high resolution Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital converter, and two resistors to measure RTD resistance ratiometrically. A ±0.1°C accuracy and ±0.01°C measurement resolution can be achieved  across the […]