App note: Bit-Banging the SDI and SQI Modes of Microchip’s 23XX512/23XX1024 Serial SRAMs

Dual Mode(SDI) and Quad Mode(SQI) Serial interface are not common peripherals on many MCU today, Microchip’s app note (PDF) provides an alternative way to communicate with these SRAMs using existing GPIOs pins in bit-bang. This application note explains in detail the recommended usage of the SDI and SQI modes of operation of the Microchip 23XX512/23XX1024 […]

512K SRAM memory module with 13 pin interface

An open source 512K SRAM memory module for adding extra ram to your project: I have designed a very simple PCB module that allows access to 512KBytes of Static RAM. ┬áIt is compatible with any microcontroller with at least 13 free digital IO pins and the ability to run from a 3.3v or 5v supply. […]