FPGA : RC Servo and Stepper motor control in Verilog

Trandi blogged about his RC servo and stepper motor project.  He writes: For those interested in reproducing this example: The board is called “EP2C5 Mini Board” and has a EP2C5T144C8 Cyclone II FPGA on it I used a standard, 9grams micro RC Servo I used a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor and it’s driver (you can purchase these […]

RC servo and PID – ‘Autotune’

Stanley Lio‎ is working on a RC Servo and PID autotune project: The robotic arm built for the magnetic field measurement project leaves several things to be desired. After a new servo is installed, finding the mapping between PWM duration and DH angles is done manually with pen and protractor. I want to automated this. The arm trembles […]