openHiFi open source music player update

Brian made a video of the latest updates to his openHiFi project. openHifi is an open source music player based on the Procyon Cortex M3 development board. The most recent update reads Vorbis comments from the file metadata. Now it loads and assembles a list of all the song files on a connected storage device. […]

openHiFi open source digital music player update

Brian is hard at work designing an open source HiFi stereo digital music player. A Cortex M3 decodes various audio formats and sends them to a digital to analog converter audio IC via an I2S interface. This is all implemented on his Procyon development board. In this video he tests his firmware using a custom […]

Procyon Cortex M3 development board now available

Procyon, the biggest of teho Lab’s Cortex M3 development boards, is now available for $72. Brian has been posting development updates in the forum, it’s great to see this board in production: It has a massive 16 MB SDRAM, the ability to host USB devices (or be a USB device), Ethernet to get connected over […]

Facebook Free PCB Friday: Cygni dev-board

Every Friday we give away some extra PCBs via Facebook. The #5 person to comment on this post at Facebook gets a free PCB. More PCBs via Twitter on Tuesday and the blog every Sunday. This week we have a guest free PCB. We’ve been following the development of teho Labs’ Cygni, Eridani, and Procyon […]