Arduino network uptime monitor with Twitter updates

Steve from has posted project details on their Arduino network monitor. They use an Arduino, an Arduino Ethernet Shield, the Twitter Library and the ICMP Ping Library by Blake F to monitor the network and send updates via Twitter. He reports, “It was actually surprisingly easy; we had the Twitter posting code from the […]


While most of us are familiar with packet capturing/sniffing programs such as Wireshark, it’s not always the most convenient or appropriate tool to use in every network monitoring situation. Henry Van Styn has written an excellent how-to tutorial on the uses of the Linux command line utility TCPDUMP, and why it may be all you […]

Defcon 19: Network Monitoring with Arduino

Steve Ocepek, Director of Security Research, Trustwave SpiderLabs presented this talk at Defcon 19 (2011). He harkens back to the days of blinking modem lights, and demonstrates how to create a modern day “blinking light” network monitoring device using the Arduino Uno along with itead Studio’s Color Shield. Dubbed the cerealbox, this design interfaces with […]

How to build still another passive ethernet tap

firestorm_v1 from yourwarrantyisvoid has published this detailed tutorial on building and using a passive ethernet tap. His goal in this project is to facilitate network monitoring for intrusion detection purposes, and wanted hardware which will allow the monitoring for traffic without degrading performance.