App note: An Introduction to MEMS Microphone Specifications

An application note from Cirrus Logic on their MEMS microphones, which are small and perfect for wearables devices. Link here (PDF) MEMS microphones are small form factor microphones, which translate acoustic sound pressure input into an electrical output response. They utilise the silicon wafer processes from the microelectronic industry to create high performance microphones of […]

Dynamic microphone preamplifier

Dilshan Jayakody published a new build, a microphone preamplifier: This is single chip dynamic microphone preamplifier which is design to drive using commonly available 12V single rail power supplies. Preamplifier in this article is build around popular NE5532 dual low noise operational amplifier IC and this preamplifier is specifically constructed to drive professional 600Ω dynamic microphones. This […]

The Verbalizer: open source dev board for Google’s voice search

BreakfastNY has posted details on how to build The Verbalizer: your own open source Arduino based microphone dev board for use with Google’s Voice Search for Desktop. They write: With Google announcing the launch of Voice Search for desktop, we couldn’t help thinking that there was even more fun to be had with talking to […]