Free download: Cory Doctorow’s MAKERS

If you’re looking for an open source read about open source this Christmas weekend, you might want to check out Cory Doctorow’s MAKERS. MAKERS is a cyberpunk novel set in Doctorow’s trademark near-future, covering the convergence of economic collapse and the open source/maker movement’s efforts to assemble the pieces to construct a New Work economy, […]

Big DIY: The Year the Maker Movement Broke

Wired magazine has published an online article summarizing the progress of the Maker movement in the last year. Tim Carmody observes that the Maker movement mirrors that of the growth of PCs and punk rock. Culturally, it’s mostly already happened — just like Hüsker Dü and The Pixies figured out Nirvana’s basic hard-rock punk-pop template […]

Radio Shack announces “The Great Create”

Radio Shack continues to pursue the DIY market: Welcome to The Great Create. We want to know what great creations you’ve come up with using RadioShack parts. Our goal is to gather the coolest projects from our most creative customers and share them here. So, show us what you’ve got and submit your project now. […]