Video: Hackers vs makers

Are you a hacker or a maker? If you answered “yes”, then you understand the proposition of this video.

Intel_Jim gave this talk at Ignite Intel in Portland, OR on July 12, 2011, publicly explaining what we already know: that true hackers and makers are people who like to tinker with gadgets to make them function in ways not originally intended. We only hope the mainstream media was listening… Just hope they aren’t confused by the “vs.” in the title, as true hardware hackers are makers and vice versa.

We note with appreciation the references to Seeed and DP at 3:50-4:04!

Via Adafruit.

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  1. Finally some video I can point my friends to. Each time I say I am a “hacker”, they start giving me those weird looks and I have to explain them the difference between a “hacker” and a “cracker” which takes some time. During a personal introduction presentation, I told my labmates that I am a member of Tokyo HackerSpace and whole lab was like “WTF?”, then a little explanation calmed them down but still there is some distance :D

  2. Well, we can certainly blame Hollywood of the 80s,90s, and beyond for the confusion… from the eponymous “Hackers” through just about every movie or TV show that uses cracking as a plot device, usually squawking out of the script writers’ cloacal apertures…The sad thing is that most of the public thinks they “know” what hacking is, and will offer up their misguided comments from their poorly secured desktops between clicking on bogus AV pop-ups and forwarding hoax e-mails (sigh)…

  3. Was this an internal presentation for Intel employees only, or were they specifically telling their customers that Intel is clueless at the moment?

    It was a decent talk, but I wish he hadn’t kept calling here Lady Adda.

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