Radio Shack announces “The Great Create”

Radio Shack continues to pursue the DIY market:

Welcome to The Great Create. We want to know what great creations you’ve come up with using RadioShack parts. Our goal is to gather the coolest projects from our most creative customers and share them here. So, show us what you’ve got and submit your project now. Let the making begin!

This is a joint venture with Make, Instructables, PopSci and Popular Mechanics.
Check in on the RS DIY webpage for details and how to post your project.

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  1. Radio Shack used to carry cool parts now not so much. It will be difficult to “Create” anything unique using Radio Shack parts. Also will Radio Shack “close source” the winners creations?

  2. When they put a CNC machine in the store or when they have a table where I can work from then maybe I’ll go there but there is no reason for me to buy there. If they had classes then maybe it would be interesting but I get accosted at the door by a pushy salesperson who wants to make decisions while not knowing anything about electronics… The Velleman kits are cheaper on the web and they are also outdated and I’m not going to pay $69.99 for an Arduino at Radio Shack.

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