Make Tokyo Meeting 07 roundup

Make Tokyo Meeting 07 roundup: Tokyo hackerspace table day 2 at Make Meeting 07 Tokyo hackerspace at Make Tokyo Meeting day 1 Tokyo hackerspace first visit Video: Goo instrument at Make Tokyo Meeting 07 #mtm07 Video: ANIPOV bicycle POV at Make Tokyo Meeting 07 Video: Remote control flying machines at #mtm07 Electronics at Make Tokyo […]

Leonard Pirate at Make Tokyo Meeting 07

Yoshi Tsuboi’s Leonard Pirate is an AVR-based multi-protocol interface like the Bus Pirate. It uses an Atmega 32U4 with integrated USB. We recommended he check out the great work already done on the Bus Ninja project too. Pirates vs ninjas, get it? He also showed us an AVR MKII programmer clone he’s been working on, […]

Weird and wonderful at Make Tokyo Meeting 07

These vegetables are wired to cry with you touch them. The tone changes depending on the stroke, and you can almost play them like an instrument. One of the most strange and wonderful projects for sure. Check below for a roving human heart, DIY cotton candy, Maker manga, and more. More photos below the fold.

Tokyo hackerspace at Make Tokyo Meeting day 1

Tokyo hackerspace invited us to the Make Meeting and shared their space. They scored an extra large space with extra tables for the public soldering area. Anyone was welcome to come use this temporary hackerspace to assemble a kit or work on their projects. More photos from day 1 below the fold.

Video: Remote control flying machines at #mtm07

During the Maker Meeting two dozen remote control flying machines made of wood, paper, and plastic buzzed and flapped overhead. There were UFOs, sailing ships, witches on broomsticks, and da Vinci-like flyers. We grabbed some of the tiny motors they used at Akihibara. More pictures and a short video below the fold.

#MTM07: Make Tokyo Meeting 07

This weekend was Make Tokyo Meeting 07, Tokyo’s Maker Faire. We were guests of tokyohackerspace. Today we’ll post some of our favorite projects from the Make Meeting. The projects were amazing! Later we’ll have a video and pictures of our trip to the Akihibara Electric Town market, and Sjaak’s visit to the weekly Tokyo hackerspace […]