Electronics at Make Tokyo Meeting 07 #mtm07

These LED displays and circuit boards are assembled entirely inside a bottle. Amazing soldering work!

Below we’ve got lots of electronics goodness. An umbrella that turns rain into music, a force-feedback mouse, $13 DIY radiation detectors, bio-feedback jewelry, and more.

A 1000Yen ($13) radiation detector.

Dead-bug assembled batteries use liquid to power LEDs.

There were lots of Twitter-integrated projects. This uses a USB receipt printer to print Tweets about Make Tokyo Meeting.

This Twitter project takes a picture, posts it to Twitter, and then prints it out.

A force-feedback mouse. When you tap the ball the motors pull on wires connected to the mouse, giving the sensation of actually pushing against an object.

The device in his nose lights when he exhales. The necklace pulses with his heart using a sensor in his hat.

An umbrella that makes music from rain.

Physical knobs interact with an app on the iPad.

Building hammocks with ethernet cables and other wires.

Physical Facebook Like button.

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    1. I’m sorry, that’s the only one I have. I got to see him doing it though, puts my best SMD soldering to shame :)

  1. Is there any info on those ‘physical’ nobs? There is also a disney (?) Game that uses this principle to steer cars on an iPad

    About the soldering in the bottle I think I got some more.

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