App note: Lithium ion battery charger using C8051F300

Lithium ion battery charger implementation using C8051F300 app note(PDF!) from Silicon Labs. Driven by the need for untethered mobility  and ease of use, many systems rely on rechargable batteries as their primary power source. The battery charging circuitry for these systems is  typically implemented using a fixed-function IC to control the charging current/voltage profile. The […]

App note: Inductive and capacitive Li-ion cell balancing methods.

No two lithium ion battery cells can ever be the same. There are variations in state of charge, capacity, impedance, and temperature characteristics. These slight differences lead to cells being disproportionately charged or discharged when they are connected in series. This shortens battery life, and even total breakdown of cells is possible. To solve these […]

Simple USB DIY Li-ion battery charger circuit

arup shared his USB DIY Li-ion battery charger circuit in the project log forum. The circuit uses both op-amps of an LM358 to control the charging of a single cell lithium ion battery. Charging automatically stops when the battery is full, and it is possible to charge batteries that have gone below the undervoltage limit. Power […]