App note: Using Fairchild’s LVX low voltage dual supply CMOS translating transceivers

Here’s a fairly old app note on Fairchild’s take of voltage translation ICs. The Fairchild CMOS Translating Transceivers: 74LVX3245, 74LVX4245, 74LVXC3245, and 74LVXC4245 are true voltage translating devices. This is accomplished by electrically isolating the A-side from the B-side. The LVX Translating Transceivers are divided into two types of devices, Dual Supply Translating Transceivers, and […]

App note: Logic-level translation

Here is an app note from Maxim describing how to implement level translation when faced with two systems that operate at different voltages. The article describes methods for accomplishing logic-level translation varying from very simple circuits using only a few discrete components, to circuits using a single dedicated IC. Electronic design has changed considerably since […]