App note: High-speed level shifting using Si8XXX isolators

Silicon Lab’s Si86xx which provides digital isolation and voltage level shifting while Si823x as ISOdrivers, Link here (PDF) Voltage level shifting is common in analog and mixed-signal system applications. While several technologies implement level shifting (e.g., HVIC processes, discrete circuits, dedicated level shifting ICs), recent advances in CMOS isolation technology enables fast, reliable, and highly-integrated […]

App note: Parallel LED drivers for maximum current

rsdio writes: This looks like a handy utilization of the basic bipolar transistor current mirror, based on the DMMT5401. For once, the key component is not a Maxim part, but Diodes Inc. ;-) Using a pair of matched transistors to translate a high-side current-sense signal down to a ground reference, this circuit lets you parallel […]