MSP430 LaunchPad Firmware Update 2.0 Released.

TI has released MSP430 LaunchPad firmware update 2.0. TI’s download is a GUI-based utility to update the emulator firmware of the MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad kit (MSP-EXP430G2). With this update, TI says your LaunchPad will be able to support all new and future MSP430G2xx Value Line devices. NOTE: Before you consider updating, read the caveats […]

Serial EEPROM bitbang Launchpad interface

Rob from the 43oh blog has posted his method to interface a 24LC32A serial EEPROM interface to the Launchpad. The 24LC32A is a 32Kb PROM with a 2 wire serial interface or I2C compatible, and since it can be clocked @400kHz @3.6V bit banging seemed like it would be easy. External pull up should be […]

GRACE: TI’s MSP430 graphical peripheral config tool

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player TI has released GRACE , a graphical configuration tool for MSP430 and Launchpad developers for setting up integrated peripherals such as ADCs, OpAmps, Timers, Clocks, and other modules. This tool is a free and open source, eclipse-based plug-in for Code Composer Studio. Code Composer Studio v4.2.0.11017 is required for the […]

LaunchPad MSP430 development board

Texas Instruments is putting out a $4.30 development platform for the 16bit MSP430 microcontroller. The LaunchPad is aimed at beginners and hobbyists. It accepts several different through-hole chips from the MSP430 value line. We like to use the MSP430 in simple low power designs, but the 4K and 8K size limits on the compiler can […]