LaunchPad MSP430 development board

Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 in dev boards, MSP430 by Ian

Texas Instruments is putting out a $4.30 development platform for the 16bit MSP430 microcontroller. The LaunchPad is aimed at beginners and hobbyists. It accepts several different through-hole chips from the MSP430 value line.

We like to use the MSP430 in simple low power designs, but the 4K and 8K size limits on the compiler can be annoying for bigger projects. Mspgcc is an open source compiler for the MSP430 without size limits, but it’s not a friendly alternative for the Arduino crowd.

TI already sells a $20 USB development dongle that they give away at MSP430 Day junkets.

Via Hack a Day.

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14 Responses to “LaunchPad MSP430 development board”

  1. John Wright says:

    The TI Code Composer Studio environment is limited to 16K now, so it supports a number of MSP430 devices fully.

    It is no longer clipped to 8k.

    Note that the $4.30 board is not affected by either IAR or CCS limits as the largest supported part size is 2K.

    I’m a TI MSP430 user, and have no association with TI.

  2. Sjaak says:

    Looks like the store is a bit overloaded ;) No wonder since it is value for money!

    let’s see what these babies can do..

  3. DrF says:

    Been trying for a few hours now, keep getting error 502, from the comments over at Hack A Day a fair few people are having trouble with getting the store up.

  4. EquinoXe says:

    have been trying since this afternoon..
    no luck yet..

  5. Peter says:

    Yeah it would be very nice if you could get to the store to buy them.

    Might also finally pick up one of there Watches at the same time once the site comes back in 2-3 days.

    could be fun to play with.

  6. EquinoXe says:

    Finally got the order pushed through when I tried again a few moments ago..

    Hope that this little & cheap board can replace the (simple) uP board I was currently designing.
    (not having to make a PCB is worth the $4.30 anyways ;) )


  7. Zdravko says:

    I tried to place an order but when entered credit card details I got some auth error. Anybody from UK with this problem or is it only me? (used Visa and MasterCard but the same error keeps showing on the page).

    • tayken says:

      I get the same error. I’m in Japan and tried my Amex and MasterCard.

      • Zdravko says:

        I called the customer support and they gave me an email to write my address and contact details. The TI adviser replied he’ll phone me to get my credit card details. And it seems the problem with online payments is at least one year old and they are aware of this, what a shame :) So phone TI and they’ll place the order for you!

      • tayken says:

        Sent an e-mail about the problem, hopefully will receive an answer this Monday or so.

  8. Rob says:

    Note that for those who balk at the $4.30 price point, you can get it for half price by putting in the coupon code HALFMSPTOOL when you go to checkout. Not sure how long that code is good for – it works for me though, but they appear to be back ordered.

    Regarding errors on the webpage, I had some problems too but I was able to order it by using internet explorer – maybe try that if you were using chrome or something else.

  9. Scorpia says:


    Thanks for the discoutn code. I have been meaning to order one of the chronos watches for a while now. the code worked perfectly with it as well.

  10. blue says:

    Just to let you guys know that there is a forum for the MSP430 at
    I just received two of my kits.

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