CircuitLab on iPad

We previously covered the CircuitLab circuit simulation software for the PC. The above video from Nerdkits demonstrates that the same browser-based CircuitLab schematic capture and circuit simulation tool now works on the iPad! UPDATE: As aptly noted in the comment, CircuitLab is a Javascript-based app and is available free for use on the iPad from […]

Apple fails to ban Samsung Galaxy Tabs in the Netherlands, again

Last year Apple successfully sued to stop the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Australia and most of Europe over copyright and patent disputes. In Australia the injunction was based on the “pinching” input jesture, which Apple “owns”. Over the past six months the vast majority of the cases have been dismissed on appeal. […]

SPICY Schematics: A schematic editor and SPICE simulator for iPad

SPICY is an electronics schematic editor and SPICE simulator for the iPad. A free version is available at iTunes. SPICY is fast, intuitive, and allows you to literally draw circuits with your fingers. Create, save, edit, share, simulate, export and send screenshots to email, SPICY is a must have for students and working engineers alike. […]

iPad/Kinect/HTML5 controlled toy car

Gaurav Manek likes to work with Arduino and experiment with different means of remote control. His latest project involves several new technologies relating to gesture- and web-based control. He writes: This project extends a simple remote-controlled car, allowing it to be controlled by an iPad or by hand gestures. This project builds on the Arduino […]