CircuitLab on iPad

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 in site, software by the machinegeek

We previously covered the CircuitLab circuit simulation software for the PC. The above video from Nerdkits demonstrates that the same browser-based CircuitLab schematic capture and circuit simulation tool now works on the iPad!

UPDATE: As aptly noted in the comment, CircuitLab is a Javascript-based app and is available free for use on the iPad from within the Safari browser. It is in no way affiliated with the similarly named “Circuit Lab” which sells for $6.99 in the Apple iTunes store.

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5 Responses to “CircuitLab on iPad”

  1. CircuitLab says:

    Hi there! NerdKits/CircuitLab team here. Just wanted to clarify that CircuitLab the website ( now works on iPad, without installing any apps. It’s totally free, and is not an app store application — it’s purely Javascript-based and runs completely in the browser. Just go to our website from within Mobile Safari, click “Launch CircuitLab Editor”, and you’ll be inside the always-latest version of our web-app in seconds.

    The site linked to in this article is not related to us in any way.

  2. Anka06 says:

    An interesting video…

  3. Deb says:

    CircuitLab rocks ! I came across another cool one at – . This one has a feel of real devices, etc.

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