LiPo auto-balancing circuit

ScottD tipped us to the LiPo Auto Balancer circuit featured in the Elektor magazine’s June 2010 issue. When using multiple lithium ion/polymer batteries in series an auto-balancing circuit is needed to make sure all the cells charge equally. Due to slight differences in capacity, some cells will reach full charge before others. This effect increases […]

App note: Lithium Ion/Polymer portable power supply

Portable devices need an uninterrupted power supply both when the circuit runs on a battery, and when it is connected to a charger. This app note shows how to design a portable power supply outputting 5volts and 3.3volts. The MAX1811 battery management IC handles the charging of a lithium ion/polymer battery. A DC/DC boost circuit […]

Partlist Wednesday: Lithium-polymer battery charger chips

Lithium-polymer batteriesĀ are an excellent choice for portable projects. They are relatively cheap, hold a significant charge, and last for a long time. The drawback with these batteries is that they require rather complicated charging protocols. You have to watch out for overcharging, undercharging, overheating, etc… We are looking for a standard part to use in […]