Simple GPS display using Attiny2313

In his project, Binu from interfaces a ProGin SR-87 GPS module with an ATtiny2313 and 2×16 LCD to generate a running lat/long display. The device also will store one static location, and produce an audible alert each time that location is reached. (More locations could be provided for in code, but the project assumes […]

Reverse geocaching puzzle box

Here’s a twist on the old practice of geocaching: a Reverse Geocaching Puzzle Box! Alternet presents a puzzle box containing a geocache prize which only opens when it is in the correct geolocation. This fairly complex, novel project uses a PIC 18F*39 microcontroller (exact part not specified on schematic) interfaced with a 2×16 LCD to […]

Using Bus Pirate to interface a MT3318 GPS receiver

Krishna used the Bus Pirate to interface a MT3318 GPS receiver. I have used the transparent UART mode of the Bus Pirate to directly access the serial data and send it to other third party softwares to show my location on google maps. Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also […]