Bus Pirate firmware v2.4

HiZ>i Bus Pirate v2go http://dangerousprototypes.com Firmware v2.4 DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3042 (B4) HiZ> Download Bus Pirate firmware v2.4. This should fix the ‘dead terminal syndrome’ experienced by some users with the v2.3 firmware. It includes all fixes from v2.3. It looks like some garbage 0x00 bytes were triggering the new binary IO modes accidentally. The binary modes […]

Bus Pirate firmware v2.2 roadmap

With Bus Pirate firmware v2.1 out the door, we started thinking about what we wanted to include in v2.2. Here’s our thoughts so far: I2C/SPI EEPROM dump and program macro. I2C hardware slave. I2C sniffer. UART auto baud rate detector. JTAG library integration with bitbang functions, facelift and improvements. Central data struct for syntax variables, […]

Bus Pirate: Firmware v2.0 released

Firmware v2.0 for all Bus Pirate hardware versions is available from the project’s Google Code page. Version 2 is a major upgrade recommended for all users. Follow our illustrated firmware upgrade guide. The default update speed is a paltry 9600bps, but you might be able to increase it. Version 2.0 follows the v0g release. V0g […]

Bus Pirate: High-speed firmware updates

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. Quality control tests on the Bus Pirate preorder 1 flagged about 50 out of 400 units as defective. The terminal interface worked fine, but the bootloader wouldn’t connect. The solution was to decrease the speed of the quick programmer utility to the Microchip recommended default, 9600bps. Unfortunately, […]