Bus Pirate: Firmware v2.1-RC1


Bus Pirate firmware v2.1 release candidate 1 can be downloaded from the Bus Pirate project page. Learn how to update your firmware from Windows or Linux/OSX.


  • Experimental hardware I2C library for PICs that support it.
  • PIC chip revision detection.
  • New public domain I2C library, fixes bugs with read ACK/NACKs. I2C no longer GPL. More on the new I2C features tomorrow.
  • Universal bitbang abstraction saves a ton of space for new features, adds speed option to I2C, raw2/3wire, LCD.
  • Removed JTAG XSVF programmer, we ran out of space. It’s big, ugly, and I don’t think anyone uses it. It will be replaced with a real SVF programmer in an upcoming build.
  • Raw2wire macro cleanup.
  • Spelling, other translation fixes.
  • More

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