Olimex discounts for open source developers

Long time reader IPenguin let us know Olimex started the OLinuXino open source developer discount initiative. Basically you develop open source software for their OLinuXino Linux boards, and they give you a 15-50% discount code: What are the requirements? An open Source project based on a OLinuXino board. The project has to be published somewhere, […]

PICkit3 programmers are 20% off at MicrochipDIRECT

By using the coupon code “MPLABX” you’ll shave 20% off of a PICkit3 programmer/debugger, or a PICkit3 Debug express kit. PICkit3 is the latest in the PICkit series of programmers from Microchip. It supports all PIC and dsPIC microcontroller families. There are cheap clones floating around on eBay, but with this discount you can get […]