Olimex discounts for open source developers

Long time reader IPenguin let us know Olimex started the OLinuXino open source developer discount initiative. Basically you develop open source software for their OLinuXino Linux boards, and they give you a 15-50% discount code:

What are the requirements?
An open Source project based on a OLinuXino board. The project has to be published somewhere, e.g. at the Olimex blog or elsewhere. The language must be English. The OLinuXino board has to be referenced. Usually this means a link to the products page has to be placed.
The project should be non-trivial and unique. For example, if you make some LED’s blinking or if you copy the project from somewhere else you will get no discount. But you may get a discount if you port an existing project to a OLinuXino board or if you write a beginners tutorial with some more or less simple experiments (like blinking LED’s for example).

Check out the recently released user manual of the OLinuXino-Micro board.

Via the forum.

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  1. Seems like a nice way to get more code/projects for their board, and giving something back. win-win :)

  2. my opinion is:
    * they are too late with their tinylinux board
    * price is not cheapest even with discount
    * slower speed, less RAM and only VGA standard tv-output

  3. I hope that somebody does come up with a Linux board in below 100 euro price range that has at least 2 GB of RAM.

    1. It’s an initiative for open source projects not a contest so there is no signup … at least not before you have completed and published/documented an open source project.^^

      To my understanding it’s an incentive for those who have completed projects for OLinuXino boards to document and publish them under an open source license. In other words, Olimex encourages OLinuXino owners to share their projects with the community – the reward is for sharing your projects.

      Please read the Olimex blog (http://olimex.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/olinuxino-open-source-developer-discount-initiative/) for futher details :)

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