TI’s CC2650 SensorTag gets three new exciting DevPacks

Gerard over at 43oh has written up an article on TI’s three new development kits for the new CC2560STK – Audio, watch and debug development packs: A while back I wrote about the new SensorTag CC2650STK which comes with four more sensors than the previous CC2541 SensorTag. While looking through the TI’s SensorTag page, I noticed three new development […]

Review of the iCA05 Graphic LCD development kit

Raj wrote up a review of the iCA05 Graphic LCD development kit. The kit includes a 28pin PIC development board, a 128×64 GLCD, and the cabling required to connect them together. Raj quickly programed the PIC16F886 microcontroller that comes with the board, and was able to get a simple “Hallo World” message on the display. […]

Energy Micro EFM32 low-power development kit giveaway

A few weeks ago we posted Pedantite and Viswesr’s reviews of the Energy Micro Gecko development board. It uses Energy Micro’s own EFM line of low-power ARM Cortex M3 microcontrollers. Low power is the emphasis, and the development boards show the current consumed by each line of code. This week we have three EMF32 dev-boards […]