DirtyPCBs site update with encrypted https connections

  DirtyPCBs.com now supports secure, encrypted access with https://DirtyPCBs.com. We used a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt and the process was almost painless. You’ll need to add the ‘s’ to the address manually to access the secure version of the site. Https may become the default eventually. It’s trendy to force everyone onto https these days, […]

Screw it, lets go live! Dev site launch

Dirt cheap SLA 3d prints, custom color PCBs, and not-ripping-you-off pogo test pins are now available at dev.dangerousprototypes.com! We built a bunch of new, no nonsense, instant pricing services modeled after the simplicity of DirtyPCBs.com, please help us test them! Dirty SLA 3D prints – $0.95 per gram for beautiful white SLA 3D prints. Upload […]