Screw it, lets go live! Dev site launch


Dirt cheap SLA 3d prints, custom color PCBs, and not-ripping-you-off pogo test pins are now available at! We built a bunch of new, no nonsense, instant pricing services modeled after the simplicity of, please help us test them!

  • Dirty SLA 3D prints – $0.95 per gram for beautiful white SLA 3D prints. Upload your .STL file for an instant quote. Production time is generally 48 hours, but please allow 3-4days for the first few order. For reference our 5cm x 5cm Bus Pirate v5 case prototype is about $20.
  • Dirty PCBs – FR4, flex, and aluminum PCBs! 2,4,6,8, and 12 layers! Custom silk and solder mask colors (+$50)! We’ve located the dirtiest suppliers of +/-10 piece protopacks of every combination available. A massive update to the Dirty PCBs offerings, though some common stuff is more expensive to avoid a rush of orders in the new system.
  • Pogo test pins – Yeah, other people might charge you more for 10 than we do for a bag of 100! These are P100 series 1mm diameter pogo test pins from SEG market second floor. Don’t forget sockets, available in solderable, wire wrap, and crimp!

Dirty PCBs was born at the first Hacker Camp Shenzhen, new dirty services were a common joke over the next four camps: sourcing, cables, SLA, assembly, Tang, etc. Unintentional Tsing Dao fueled market research meetings led even the thick among us to realize that hackers want cheap services and products from China. is a concept site modeled after The vision is simple: no bull interface to services in China. You should never have to email files for a quote, or click through multiple screens to get a price. Pricing should be transparent and fixed, and never inflated on niche hacker products. We sell a full catalog of pogo pins starting at $6.95 per 100, other places have a single model at $12 per bag of 10!

Most of the services are probably be too niche, too annoying, or too unprofitable to run long term. We already canned dirty sourcing after a month. We don’t care! That’s not the point. These are hacks to make our own project development faster and easier. Over time we’ll share more and more of them on the new site.

DHL direct shipping is an exciting feature of the dev site. Direct DHL shipments leave Shenzhen to US and EU on an 8pm daily flight. Delivery is generally 24-48 hours. Compare that to DHL provided by a logistics company (3-9 days) and you’re hacking way faster than ever before! Prices are often the same (or lower) for some destinations!

PROTOTYPING IN PROGRESS: the dev site is a prototype, far from complete, and not fully tested. Dozens of launch dates have come and gone since we started the dev site a year ago. Huge parts of the site are blocked off, and many advanced features only kind-of-work, but we need to get the site out there and see if it’s useful to anyone. Writing a full shop, blog, forum, and wiki from scratch is by far the single most expensive and stupid project Dangerous Prototypes has ever taken on. Everyone (Ash!) who said it was the worst idea ever were absolutely right! It was!

We’ll sell you cheap stuff, but please don’t send anything critical or time sensitive. It’ll be at least a few weeks before the new site is operating smoothly, expect delays in everything, especially tracking numbers.

Welcome to our dirty world!

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  1. Nice!

    A few things:
    – If those tweezers are really as good as you’re touting them, then they are a good deal. I have bought one too many sets of useless cheap (and also expensive!) tweezers from China. Any chance of getting ones with curved tips and/or straight tips but wider handles?
    – You said you don’t want to compete on price just now, in order to avoid getting overloaded with orders. According to the pcbshopper website, your 10x10cm 2 layer service is currently the cheapest on the market though at $11.95.
    – Could you please take that “A new open source hardware project every month” thing down from the top of the page? It’s getting ridiculous. Changing “every month” to “every other year” would be a start…

    1. 1. Yes, we can get them all. They really are that good too.

      2. Ugh. That was to get a few initial orders, we will have to up it now that it is public. Hack a Day kinda forced my hand before I was ready.

      3. True that. Totally own that criticism! If you notice, it is not on the new site at all. While hustling to get a new project out every month was fun for a few years, this is my hobby and it got a bit tiring (and I’m not a grad student anymore).

      For almost three years we’ve been hacking Chinese supply chains to connect hackers with amazing Chinese resources, and for the last 6 months we’ve been opening a WOFE (foreign owned Chinese company) to do the same. Dirty PCBs is successful despite itself. Dirty SLA is already exceeding all expectations, and I can’t wait for the next dirty things. We’ve done 5 hacker camps in the last 18 months with 200+ participants, and I personally visit a factory almost every week. The Expressway to Pleasure is in production and seeking C round funding. We’re starting a hardware accelerator as well. It’s not a glamorous as a project a month, but I’m enjoying myself :) That’s why I (totally stupidly) started the new site – the parts of open hardware that interest me have completely changed and I’m steering Dangerous Prototypes in that direction. Hopefully we’ll get rid of that ridiculous tag line soon :P

      1. I kinda miss the hardware project we did some time ago.. I know we are grown up and dont have the time we had back then, but still it is fun. At least try to do simple breakouts for stuff you find on heiquangbei or shenzhen. I also settle for the tools found there :) I really like the

        Or put 3rd party hardware projects in the store and call that the product of the month :))

  2. You can choose all the different models from the “model” drop down. We will fix the image link now, sorry about that.

    It really really is rough state. It is a prototype at beginning phase. I didn’t even want to announce it but frikkin hack a day covered SLA yesterday :|

  3. Well congrats Ian, I haven’t been around much for a while, but I spotted the site a day or so ago and was rather surprised. All I can say is you’re a Dirty Dirty man! – Just don’t ever think of starting a Magazine business or a Photo printing business – Dirty Mags and Dirty Pics might get you a bad reputation! Dirty Pogo? – The mind boggles!

  4. Thumbs up mate :-) Well, there was this bloke who did rather well with “virgin” so I reckon there is no harm…

  5. The SLA is interesting. I have my own Ultimaker 2 for the usual ABS and PLA prints, but I assume this process might give finer details and maybe better at overhangs? Is there more info about the material; for example how strong is it? Can it be painted?

    1. It is cheap standard SLA. They do custom colors, so I assume it is paintable and dyable. Other than that, I haven’t got much more details from them. They run 2 giant sla machines 24 hours a day from a residential apartment (in the kitchen).

  6. So what do you mean by “Custom silk and solder mask colors (+$50)”?
    Can we do 2 layers of solder masks like on the back of the Arduino boards?
    Can we do custom solder mask colors?

    1. custom silkscreen and custom soldermask colors. Unfortunately the vendor up their m2 price to 1000rmb per m2 so it tripled in price :( We’re meeting with a new supplier this week though.

    1. I don’t think there’s any chance of being or beating those guys. I hope we can put together a range of cool services, presented in a cool way, that help make more and better open source hardware.

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