STM32L-Discovery board and ChibiOS/RT

Getting started with the STM32L-Discovery board and ChibiOS/RT: This article will explain how to get started with the recently released STM32L-Discovery board using ChibiOS/RT. This board is really cheap (around 12$) and is an excellent evaluation platform for the STMicroelectronics STM32L family. Thanks Giovanni! Via the contact form.

STM32VL-Discovery with ChibiOS/RT

Getting started with STM32VL-Discovery board and ChibiOS/RT: ChibiOS/RT is a complete, portable, open source, compact and extremely fast Real Time Operating System. ChibiOS/RT offers an excellent support for the STM32 platform. All drivers are “native” in order to minimize the memory footprint, the bulky ST library has not been used (but is supported). The STM32 on […]