App note: Environmental compensation on the AD7142: The effects of temperature and humidity on capacitance sensors

An old but useful application from Analog Devices about things that can affect touch/capacitance sensors. Link here (PDF) Capacitance sensing has the potential to replace current user input mechanisms in consumer devices. Products as diverse as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, and other portable media players are all suitable for implementing capacitance sensing. Capacitance […]

QTouch library for Atmel MCUs

The Atmel QTouch Library is a royalty-free software library (GCC and IARâ„¢) for developing touch applications on standard Atmel AT91SAM and AVR microcontrollers. Developers can use it to integrate touch-sensing capability into their applications by linking the library into firmware. The library can be used to develop single-chip solutions for many control applications or to […]

Capacitive touchpad shield for MSP430 Launchpad

NsN writes to inform us that the TI eStore is running a promotion on the 430BOOST-SENSE1 – MSP430 Capacitive Touch BoosterPack. The Capacitive Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-CAPTOUCH1) is a plug in board for the $4.30 MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad development kit (MSP-EXP430G2 – sold separately). This BoosterPack features several capacitive touch elements including a scroll wheel, […]