App note: Bring a “CAN-DO” attitude to your industrial drone design

Tech note from Maxim Integrated on using the proven robustness of CAN Bus to drone’s internal parts communication. Link here (PDF) Providing predictable and error-free communications, CAN bus networks have been the workhorse of the automobile industry for over thirty years. However, they have recently found a new lease on life in other industrial applications, […]

App Note: Optimizing CAN node bit timing to accommodate digital isolator propagation delays

Adding robustness by digital isolation and compensating for propagation delays to CAN network presented in this technical article from Analog Devices. Link here (PDF) Controller area network (CAN), standardized under ISO 11898, is widely used in industrial and automotive applications. CAN protocols such as DeviceNet or CANOpen rely on the built-in error checking and differential […]

App note: How to isolate signal and power in isolated CAN systems

CAN system isolation app note from Texas Instruments, Link here (PDF) With the increase in the usage of signal isolation in many industrial and automotive applications, the need for isolated power has also increased. The benefits of isolation are lost if the power supplies on either side of the isolation barrier are simply shorted. At […]

Introduction to the Controller Area Network (CAN)

A controller area network (CAN) is ideally suited to the many high-level industrial protocols embracing CAN and ISO-11898:1993 as their physical layer. Its cost, performance, and upgradeability provide for tremendous flexibility in system design. This application report presents an introduction to the CAN fundamentals, operating principles, and the implementation of a basic CAN bus with […]

CAN sniffing for steering wheel button presses

Newer protocols are always fun to explore, such as the automotive CAN bus. Here’s a project by wire2wire which sniffs the CAN signals from steering wheel controls and converts them to a serial output. The main components are a PIC16F876, MCP2515 and MCP2551. The code and all docs are available in a zip file. Current […]

App Note: CAN basics

The popularity of the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol has grown exponentially since its introduction in the mid-1980s. Today it’s used in automotive monitoring and control systems, medical equipment and industrial automation. Also, more microcontrollers are supporting this protocol. Here’s a Microchip Application Note covering the basics of the CAN protocol.

Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile

The Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security (CAESS) published a very detailed paper outlining the use, and potential for abuse of modern automotive embedded electronic control systems. Central to their work was the development of Carshark, a software tool for hacking the CAN bus on modern vehicles. (No, we do not know of site where […]

Bus Pirate: CAN Pirate

Unlike simple serial protocols, Controller Area Network (CAN) transmits data in frames with error detection capabilities. The Bus Pirate wasn’t designed to handle frame-based data transmissions, but have no fear the CAN Pirate adapter is here! In order to send and sniff CAN data for debugging an application, Stefano came up with the CAN Pirate. […]