LiPo Booster, a breadboard-friendly boost converter board based on TPS61230

Jianan Li made this LiPo Booster project, that is available at Github: LiPo Booster is a breadboard-friendly boost converter board based on the TPS61230 IC from Texus Instrument. It has an output voltage of 5V, and is designed to be used with a single cell LiPo battery.

App note: Driving LEDs in battery-operated applications

Driving many LEDs from a battery can be a pain to do, especially if you need many of them to have the same brightness. One way to do this is to use current mirrors for each individual LED, and drive them from the battery voltage only. Another is to drive them with a dc-dc boost converter in […]

Bus Pirate high voltage supply with only 6 parts

We used the Bus Pirate and 6 common components to multiply 5volts to over 120volts with a boost converter, a type of switched-mode power supply. Similar circuits are commonly used to power 180volt nixie tubes from low voltage power supplies. This circuit is a simple way to build your first SMPS, but be careful because […]

Bus Pirate high voltage power supply

The crew at Robots and Dinosaurs prototyped a high voltage power supply for a geiger counter tube using the Bus Pirate pulse-width modulator. They were able to step up 5volts to 800volts+ with a simple boost converter circuit on a bread board. We always like to see new ways to use the Bus Pirate. Thanks […]