SoHa SMART first logo PCB design & manufacture

‏ @josephpcrabtree tweeted, “New learn-to-solder badges for @SoHaSMARTMaker. PCBs from @dangerousproto DirtyPCBs” This is a big day for any maker space when you learn to design and manufacture your own PCB. We are very proud of our circuit design and end result. We will use these in all of our Learn To Solder Classes going […]

AVR LCD name badge using ATtiny 2313

Erik Gregg (Hank) wanted a name badge using an 16×2 alphanumeric display for use at conferences, nerdfests, etc. He constructed this simple ATtiny2313 based badge which interfaces with the LCD with a minimum of components. This project is based upon this Instructable. He took the Instructable to the next level by moving from breadboard to […]