5″ capacitive touch panel with GSL1680 up’n running with Arduino

Helge of WeatherStation writes: After some help from wolfmanjm and CosR1, I managed to get a separate Buydisplay based GSL1680 touch panel up’n running on an Arduino Mega (1280) with only minor modifications to wolfmanjms code. The firmware is an integrated part of the sketch. Instead of using ram, it is put in the flash […]

Self-Balancing Raleigh Chopper

XenonJohn posted detailed instructions of how to make this Self-Balancing Raleigh Chopper. He writes: Data from the IMU is read by the Arduino Mega 1280. I use a Mega 1280 because they are a lot cheaper online than the 2560, and about the same price as an Uno. They have several hard wired serial outputs which means […]