App note: New family of 150V power schottky

App note from STMircoelectronics on the advantage of power schottky over bipolar diode in SMPS. Link here (PDF)

Nowadays, the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is becoming more widespread as a result of computer, telecom and consumer applications. The constant increase in services (more peripherals) and performance, which offers us these applications, tends to move conversion systems towards higher output power.
In addition to these developments dictated by the market, SMPS manufacturers are in competition, their battlefield being the criteria of power density, efficiency, reliability and cost, this last being factor very critical.
Today, SMPS designers of 12V-24V output have practically the choice between a 100V Schottky or a 200V bipolar diode. The availability of an intermediate voltage has become necessary to gain in design optimization.

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