10MHz distribution amplifier


G4FRE built a 10MHz distribution amplifier:

I have had a need for a distribution amplifier for a while now. Searching around I found the design by G4JNT in Radcom, which filled my needs. I redrew the circuit for 4 outputs and had PCBs made. (if you want one contact me!)  I now have the units in my M1DST 10MHz Thunderbolt monitoring project and in my LPRO101 10MHz Rubidium source.

See the full post on his blog here.

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  1. The LM7171 used in this very simple design can be simulated in LTspice with reasonable results at 10MHz using the non-encrypted PSPICE model from TI (download it from the LM7171 TI homepage and use the LTspice bult-in opamp2.asy symbol). Also look at the LMH6703 part; lower drive current but higher GBW and more. The LMH6703 non-encrypted PSPICE model from TI also works in LTspice but it requires more work to get the symbol to function.

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