A DC motor controller with control LEDs

Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017 in open source by DP


Boris Landoni writes about a new open source project a DC motor controller with control LEDs:

It can be controlled through logic levels to set the speed and the direction of the rotation of CC brushed motors and stepper motors; outputs have LEDs indicating the rotation direction.

The circuit board we are presenting this time is based on the dual-bridge driver L298N, in a traditionally mounted version in a Multiwatt container with 15 staggered pins; it has two terminal blocks for attaching to DC motors or the coils of a bipolar stepper motor and a terminal block for powering logics and motors. Each of the two output channels of the circuit can provide a maximum current of 2 A, which is enough to drive two 2 A direct current motors or a bipolar stepper motor absorbing 2 A per phase.

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One Response to “A DC motor controller with control LEDs”

  1. mattaw says:

    Guys, for the next spin I would recommend strongly series resistors on inputs.

    A few Kohms gives a large protection against ESD and EOS events coming in on the driving wires for not much money. Overvoltages on the inputs as well as static discharges.

    If you use a SMT multipack resistor soldering is easy too, as you are already doing SMT.

    I am thinking pins

    6, 11, 5, 7, 10 and 12 (ENA, ENB, IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4).

    If you really want to go the distance drive the H-bridge through a socketed 74 series DIP buffer IC and again add series resistances on the buffer IC inputs. That way if you get a EOS it kills the throwaway 74 series, not the H-Bridge.

    Best, and good work,


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