App note: Safety considerations and layout recommendations for digital isolators

Posted on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 in app notes by DP


Application note from Silicon Labs about end user safety against high voltage shock that are designed together with digital isolators. Link here (PDF)

This application note details the creepage and clearance requirements of an isolator type component, such as a digital isolator, used to provide protection from electric shock. It also details layout recommendations to enhance a design’s robustness and ensure compliance with end safety standards.

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  1. Max says:

    Jolly good stuff, although the “include 100 W resistors in series with the inputs and outputs” part is quite hilarious until one realizes* they meant “Ohm” (probably ran out of “O”, “”h” and “m” letters and had a surplus of “W” – hey, it can happen to the best of us…).

    * Yes, I do realize “W” is occasionally used instead of “Ω”; I just find that practice particularly snobby and indefensible when three other letter can do the job equally well with much less chance of confusion.

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