Neoway M590 GPRS tutorial: sending and receiving files from/to SD card


Neoway M590 GPRS tutorial on sending and receiving files from/to SD card from Vadim Panov:

Here’s a bit of useful info from what I’ve been doing lately. I got a job to design a device that connects to a web-server via GPRS and downloads a bunch of tiny WAV files, that it later plays on a specific schedule. Now, there’s a jellybean part for this kind of task, and that is SIM900 (or SIM800), but I have a knock for “optimising” my electronics. Optimising in this context means making everything I can as cheap as possible, provided it doesn’t impact overall quality in a negative way.
That’s how I came upon this el cheapo GPRS module – Neoway M590. It’s sold as an assemble-it-yourself kit at Aliexpress, and at the moment of writing this article it retails for as low as 2USD.

More details on Vadim Panov’s blog.

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  1. Bear in mind that this is a 2G module and that 2G is being decommissioned (December 2016/April 2017 depending on Telco in Australia). Other countries decommissioning 2G include Japan, South Korea, the United States and Singapore.

      1. It’s getting to the point where it’s cheaper and definitely easier to use a Pi Zero or similar and a $20 3G USB dongle. Power consumption is horrible though, often sucking 5W or more, but you get real internet access and the ability to run fairly serious software.

        I’m working on a system at the moment that caches a bunch of observations in a low-power micro, boots a Pi+3G hourly to upload data, then turns the Pi off again. The downside is that you can’t contact it remotely except in a narrow time-window.

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