Neoway M590 GPRS tutorial: sending and receiving files from/to SD card

Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2016 in tutorials by DP


Neoway M590 GPRS tutorial on sending and receiving files from/to SD card from Vadim Panov:

Here’s a bit of useful info from what I’ve been doing lately. I got a job to design a device that connects to a web-server via GPRS and downloads a bunch of tiny WAV files, that it later plays on a specific schedule. Now, there’s a jellybean part for this kind of task, and that is SIM900 (or SIM800), but I have a knock for “optimising” my electronics. Optimising in this context means making everything I can as cheap as possible, provided it doesn’t impact overall quality in a negative way.
That’s how I came upon this el cheapo GPRS module – Neoway M590. It’s sold as an assemble-it-yourself kit at Aliexpress, and at the moment of writing this article it retails for as low as 2USD.

More details on Vadim Panov’s blog.

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  1. Ktype says:

    What is the chipset inside?

  2. Trev says:

    Bear in mind that this is a 2G module and that 2G is being decommissioned (December 2016/April 2017 depending on Telco in Australia). Other countries decommissioning 2G include Japan, South Korea, the United States and Singapore.

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