Elektor 500ppm LCR meter case tips

LCR meter

NopHead wrote a blog post review of Elektor 500ppm LCR meter:

I recently bought a 500ppm LCR meter from Elektor because I didn’t have anything for measuring inductors or the ESR (equivalent series resistance) of capacitors, both of which are important for modern electronics, particularly switch mode regulators that have become ubiquitous.
It is also more accurate than any of my multimeters and has wider measurement ranges. For example it can measure resistance from 0.1mΩ to 1GΩ and capacitance between 0.1pF and 0.1F. This means I can now measure parasitics like contact resistance, stray capacitance and lead inductance. The principal reasons it can do this while my multimeters can’t is because it uses a four wire Kelvin connection to the device under test, and as well as measuring voltage and current, it also measures the phase between them.

More details at HydraRaptor blog.

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  1. That thing looks like a predictably expensive piece of Elektor kit with some surprisingly shoddy design / build elements (for that price)…

  2. Whoa, I have to agree, the meter’s price is eye-watering… gaaaaaah. But ah, he’s doing rapid prototyping, so I guess he can afford it.

    I’m curious, anyone here use LCR meters often and for what purpose? I have an old hand-me-down C meter but I only use it occasionally to check old caps. I mostly use new parts and proper L and C parts for my switching circuits and it’s never an issue…

  3. It’s truly amazing how many issues he had to work through in order to get it up and running.
    For a meter of that price, the trim problems were quite a bit disappointing.
    But why 500ppm when common L and C tolerance is 20%? I don’t get it…

  4. FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT BUCKS for this P.O.S. (and that’s after the “discount” for the case bundle). A typical Elektor rip-off.

    1. My guess is just like casinos and many other sectors, niche magazines have their whales. Good for them, if they can still cultivate enough whales to make a good profit on a production run. I’ll never know how whales think, because each time I work on my own projects I have my cheapskate hat on…

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