App note: FT800 Example with ARM


App note from FTDI on interfacing the FT800 with an ARM MCU . Link is here

The FTDI FT800 video controller offers a high quality, high value  solution for embedded graphics requirements. In addition to the graphics, resistive touch inputs and an audio output provide a complete human machine interface to the outside world.

This application note will provide a simple example of developing ARM C code to control the FT800 over SPI. The principles demonstrated can then be used to produce more complex applications.

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  1. No more FTDI. I am not willing to bear damage to my products series because of their stupid anti-counterfeit policy. I changed the USB/UART bridge in all my products to SiLabs CP2102 which is easily obtainable, cheap and overall much better than that FTDI’s overpriced, unobtainable and possibly self-locking crap. (Not mentioning that horrible Vinculum bad dream.)
    As for me, FTDI is a NO-NO-NO brand in the availability, price and confidence.

    1. Can’t say I disagree :-)

      What are the alternatives? Assume 24-bit RGB low cost LCD… Either (A) premium boards (Sparkfun etc) or (B) Chinese display controller boards, often SSD parts (Solomon Systech) or CPLD implementations or (C) roll your own.

      For (C), if avoiding FPGA etc, what are the cheap MCUs that have 24-bit RGB output? I am familiar only with PIC families (PIC32MZ*EF and PIC24FJ*DA* have graphics controllers). Anyone with recommendations of easy-to-find-and-buy parts?

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