Announcing the STREAM board


The Myriad crew  has announced the new Stream board released through the MyriadRF initiative for doing SDR with the LMS6002D/LMS7002M from Lime Microsystems. It’s a fully Open Source board with Kicad design files and a fully Open Source OpenRISC SoC for the FPGA:

We are thrilled to announce that the STREAM board is the latest project to join the Myriad-RF family. A feature-packed FPGA development platform built around an Altera Cyclone IV device, this includes RFDIO and FMC connectors, enabling use with the MYRIAD-RF 1 TRANSCEIVER, future modules and other FMC cards.
A version of LMS SUITE is provided for use with the LMS7002M UNITE board, which enables control of the transceiver and spectrum analysis via an FFT viewer, along with example waveforms which can be loaded into the FPGA.
Olof Kindgren has developed an OPENRISC SoC for the STREAM that is capable of running Linux, complete with a peripheral controller for interfacing RFDIO cards such as the Myriad-RF 1. This allows for a mixed development model whereby programming and control can be via the RISC processor, with baseband and digital processing taking place directly in the FPGA fabric.

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