ESP8266 WiFi module quick start guide

Posted on Monday, February 16th, 2015 in documentation, how-to, wireless by the machinegeek

follower from rancidpacon writes,

I recently wrote a 15-page getting started guide for the $5 ESP8266 WiFi modules for Kiwicon 8, a local New Zealand hacker con. It’s available as both HTML and a PDF.

It provides details on: how to make the hardware connections using an FTDI Board or Arduino (with suitable disclaimer); how to communicate with the module; using AT commands to act as a client, server or AP; and, updating the firmware.

The con brought in a shipment of 100 of the modules which sold out extremely quickly and the guide provides a one-stop-shop for how to get started with the modules.

Via the contact form.

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2 Responses to “ESP8266 WiFi module quick start guide”

  1. Drone says:

    I have seen some stuff on the Web that indicates depending on what you actually buy/get with respect to these cheap modules, the way they work in comparison across different samples may vary widely. (Sorry, I had a link a few days ago to a good example post about this by someone that was testing a few of these modules; but I lost it.)

    If this is the case (and to clarify – I don’t have one of these modules – yet): Then I think a reliable tutorial should include a known good baseline firmware image to upload to the module before claiming the rest of the tutorial works.

  2. Darren says:

    I am a little bit stuck and I could REALLY use some help. So my friend and I are trying to send data through a server to a database (ESP8266 + Arduino, Apache Server and Mysql Database). When we send data, it says “send ok” and after that it says connection timeout. On apache it says 408 error. A few times we got 200 4961 (this is what we want) but that only happens when we send GET /HTTP/1.1 and when we send to GET/index.php?img=pngPlugIn HTTP/1.1. We try to send GET /pm/add_message.php?pmu=RAL005-07001-FL02-0030-2L Host:192.168……. but we get 408 320. Any suggestions? Do you know what we might be doing wrong?

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