Diolan plus2 – Diolan bootloader with standard instruction set


nyholku writes:

To support my EazyCNC Project I I’ve create a version of the original Diolan bootloader that I call ‘diolan-plus2’ and which does not use extended instruction set making it compatible with C-compilers and still retains all the features of the original diolan bootloader and fits in the 2kB bootblock.

Diolan-plus2 published on GitHub.

Via the forum.

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  1. Can a PIC18 bootloader be massaged to work with a PIC32, or are they too radically different?

    Microchip’s App Note 1388B and the pinguino32 have info on the PIC32 but don’t seem to compare the practical differences between it and the PIC18 bootloaders.

    According to this v1.34 might have some fixes in this area:

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