MSP430 Bootloader by Dylek for value line series (RS232)


Daniel Duchna made his own MSP430 Bootloader and wrote a detailed description in his WIKI.

It is as simple as usage of any other Bootloader. Firstly you have to flash ‘MSP430 Bootloader by Dylek’ to MCU.
You can do it through ‘MSP430 Flasher’ provided by Texas Instruments on their WIKI


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  1. Setting all ports to output is a problem. This will not play nicely with all peripherals and default pin state of main firmware, moreover there is no need to do it. Apart from that, nice project!

  2. Nice! I’m going to have to play with this soon. Two value line Launchpads are gathering dust on my shelf, and this sounds like a good enough excuse to rev one up.

  3. @f4grx
    You may be right not all configurations of peripherals will work correctly.
    So what do you suggest ?
    Should I leave them as floating input ?

  4. @dylek

    Thanks for responding. Yes, letting the lines float is what I would do. This is the configuration that has the smallest influence on a running system.

    This lets anyone set the port value before setting the line to output. This is important, because in some designs you don’t want a glitch on some lines.

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