Automatic plant watering system using AVR(Atmega16) Microcontroller


Here’s an automatic watering system using AVR from Gadgetronicx:

Primitive irrigation systems possess many drawbacks as it fails to conserve water and human energy. So introducing Automation in it can help us to overcome these drawbacks and pave way to conserve water. This can be done with a simple Soil moisture sensor and a Microcontroller, AVR in our case. You can try out this system to automate watering the plants in your home at affordable cost.

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  1. Problem is, that there is a permanent 5V-to-ground connection through the soil. Not good for the sensor…

    Better: use two output for ground and 5V and pull them down/up when needed. Looks like there is more than enough IO available.

    Next goal: port it to Attiny85 to save space, parts, etc…

  2. Not surprising, the code suggests it’s just a quickie part demonstrator, no actual system was made, so issues that may arise when building an actual project is not encountered. Apart from controlling sensor power, one also has to control or limit pump duration and so on. So many things are needed for an actual system…
    I’m wondering, isn’t TIP122 overkill?

  3. EPIC FAIL! This is literally a dangerous prototype. This circuit, through the use of an analog moisture sensor will not measure the moisture content of the soil, but the salt content of the soil instead. Furthermore, through electro-migration, heavy metals will be deposited into the soil from the electrodes. If you are wanting to control a watering pump or sprinkler valve based on moisture content of soil look into a “capacitive moisture sensor”. A bit more complex of a circuit, but it will actually work, and safely.

    1. To be fair, Alibaba is crawling with those kind of sensors. Frankly, anyone who needs this for a house plant should get a plastic plant instead. Commercial growers aren’t gonna use this kind of thing. Anyway, I doubt this ever went beyond basic breadboard stage, the source code looks like a quickie hack, so it’s only good to serve as a demonstration of the low standards Gadgetronicx set for themselves.

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