Digitally controlled bench PSU project update


Yet another update on Bertho’s digitally controlled bench PSU project we covered previously:

Did some test-bed assembling today and did a dry-test of the power board.
The good news… the power board did not blow up ;-)

The aux PSU for +/-12V analog and the 5V logic supply switcher is working as it should. The power board is able to supply the control board as far as I can see. Haven’t done any in-depth testing, but it looks good. The main low voltage AC inlet is also functional and the default of the power switcher is correctly off. The DC voltage after the rectifier was tested to 42V DC and no sparks or smoke were detected.
With the preliminary tests complete, I have now a small test-bed to continue working. The setup has the control board with LCD, 2 encoders (+ push switch) and 3 LEDs. All is powered from the power board aux supply…

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