Kicad converter for TM-240A Pick-and-Place machines


Kicad converter for TM-240A Pick-and-Place machines by Wayne and Layne:

The Pick-and-Place machine needs to know where to place each part, and we have created some software to help convert the PCB design data from our favorite ECAD tool, KiCad, into the proper file format needed for these PnP machines. The documentation for this software is below. We hope that it’s useful for your needs.
tm2x0 is a Python package for working with Neoden TM220A and TM240A pick and place machines.
It currently has a script for generating a .CSV input file for the PnP from a KiCad .pos file, using an interactive command-line menu.
It was developed by Adam Wolf and Matthew Beckler of Wayne and Layne, LLC, with no affiliation with Neoden other than we own one of their machines.



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