120 seconds voice record – play back


message recording board capable of recording 120 secs of audio by Rajkumar Sharma over at Electronics Lab:

This project is designed around ISD25120 which can store 120 Seconds audio. Recording and playback operations are controlled with tact switches. The kit has an onboard microphone and LED to indicate the functions of Play and Recording. IC has a re recordable non-volatile memory which means that the message will be stored even after the units are turned off and even when it is turned on again.

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  1. Yup, _that’s_ how you do short-ish audio recording and playback the simple way. Even the technology used is remarkable – the recording is stored as _analogue_ samples, not in digital form; this would be a problem of course if one would want to do any processing or analysis on it, but for mere recording / playback, you can’t beat the simplicity… ;)

  2. I want to connect a headphone instead of a speaker. What should be the specifications for the headphones. This project is to store only one message of 2 Minutes or number of messages divided by 2 mins. Please advise

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